The Major Advantages of Roof Asset Management


Cotterman & Company can help your company be proactive in safeguarding your assets. Our expertise will help you maximize the life of your roof, keep repair costs low and protect your facility. Don’t react to roof trouble...

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Whether It's the Wind, or the Harsh Temperatures, Winter Can Really Take a Toll on Your Roof!


Thermal Shock   Did you know how much the weather could affect your roof? Your entire building, including the roof, will expand and contract at different rates as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. The...

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Fall / Winter Roof Inspection


Don't let your roof's performance change with the seasons.......schedule a FREE roof inspection for this year!         The cold months are sneaking up on us again this year and Cotterman...

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Cool Roof Systems


Cool Roof Systems    Cotterman & Company is an industry leader of installing cool roof systems. A cool roof is both highly reflective and highly emissive, transferring less heat into the building...

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