Top 7 Dangers of a Industrial & Commercial leaky roof


When performing roof evaluations one of the first questions we always ask you have any existing roof leaks we can look at before performing the roof evaluation? Water that enters your facility is causing some...

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Spring Roofing Alert: Spring Maintenance


Your roof is one of the building's most valuable assets. Not only does it protect the building, but it also safeguards all of your important occupants and valuable materials within your facility. Roofs are constantly under...

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Roof damage from high winds


Over half of roof blowoffs are related to perimeter failures. It's just a little wind. Most commercial business owners will hear the wind pick up outside and never give it a second thought unless the lights begin to...

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Winter Roof Inspection


Don't let your roof's performance change with the seasons.......schedule a FREE roof inspection today!  The Winter months are sneaking up on us again this year and Cotterman & Company would like to...

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