Happy Thanksgiving From the Cotterman Family!


Cotterman in Columbus Cotterman had the pleasure of attending the Ohio School Board Association trade show this month.  Cotterman continues their involvement in the community. Do you have a large...

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We Have Some TIPS For You!


The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), one of the premier National Purchasing Cooperatives in the United States, has been serving public agencies since 2002. This contract offers several benefits for public...

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Uncle Sam's New Expense Rule


The Tax Cuts and Job Act was approved by Congress in December 2017.  Section 179 expands the definition of qualified real property eligible for full expensing to include improvements to nonresidential roofs. ...

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Why Smoking on the Roof Can Burn Your Company!


This demonstrates just how important it is to prevent smoking on your building’s roof. Above is the result of someone smoking a cigarette on the roof. The cigarette was left to smolder on the roof membrane, burning...

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