New Construction - Featured Roofing Project - 2019 Update


At the Lifestyle Community River South Development project, we have completed the Trautman and Beatty Buildings. Weather permitting we will wrap up very soon with the final Matan...

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New OSHA Standard & Fixed Ladders


On January 17th 2017, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) final rule revising and updating its general industry walking-working surfaces standards and personal fall protection systems became...

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The Importance of Daylighting


The term daylighting refers to the intentional and controlled admission of natural light into a space: Effective daylighting creates a more comfortable and visually stimulating environment. Many studies over the years have...

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We Are Here To Help After Last Night's Severe Weather


After last night's high winds, tornados and severe weather, Cotterman is here to help repair damage to your roof. We can come perform free roof evaluations to assess storm damage. The high winds can cause your roof to blow...

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