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Roof Asset Management

The Major Advantages of Roof Asset Management

Cotterman Roofing can help your company be proactive in safeguarding your assets. Our expertise will help you maximize the life of your roof, keep repair costs low and protect your facility. Don’t react to roof trouble, be proactive and use preventive maintenance to get the best in both long term and short term savings.  Get Cotterman’s Total Management Plan for Roof Assets.

Proactive Rather Than Reactive Means Savings

  • The cost of a brand new roof is huge; stay on top of maintenance rather than foot the cost of a whole new roof.
  • Proactive roof maintenance extends the lifetime of your roof by 30%-100%.
  • It prevents problems in the future and helps your company avoid the bigger expenses that crop up when roofs are neglected.
  • You can maintain or possibly even extend the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Protect your investment and prevent other damages such as lost productivity and downtime, damage to insulation, mold & mildew issues, structural damage, etc.

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Cotterman Total Roof Total Management

Total Management Plan for Roof Assets


  • We will do preventive maintenance & recommend specific repairs
  • Includes custom reporting for planning, prioritizing and budgeting
  • Inspections of your roof(s) on an annual or semi-annual basis
  • An inspection and comprehensive roof asset report

COTTERMAN PROTECTION (Our Protection program includes all of the above PLUS)

  • High priority repair, maintenance and inspection
  • Removal of obstructions/debris and otherwise clearing waterways
  • Repairs of high-priority items made at time of inspection (typically these are leak sources)


  • A one year no leak protection guarantee once all repair and maintenance recommendations have been completed
  • Use Cotterman Roofing’s 35+ years of experience and skill to guarantee the safety and integrity of your roof
  • Rather than spending tons of time and resources worrying about your roof yourself, shift the worry to us
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Roof Replacement

Every roof has a life cycle, eventually it becomes beyond repair. Our experienced team will perform an evaluation and design a cost effective roofing solution specific to your building. We provide custom solutions to meet budget, energy goals, and functionalities of the facility, without interrupting daily operations.

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Roof Inspections/Preventative Maintenance Programs

A proactive roof maintenance program is the best way to extend the life of your roof. A commercial roof should be inspected twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. Following the inspection, we will provide a comprehensive roof condition report that identifies defects and provides solutions for planning, prioritizing and budgeting your roof asset. This approach keeps emergency repair cost low and operations uninterrupted that results in substantial long-term savings.

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24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Cotterman’s Emergency Repair Teams are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. We immediately develop a plan and dispatch our crew to handle your roofing emergency.

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Safety Services

We perform a site survey to identify fall hazards and OSHA Compliance issues. Our experienced professionals will recommend solutions that are appropriate for your environment. We design, install and maintain a wide range of roof safety systems from the leading manufacturers to suit any requirement.

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Sheet Metal & Wall Panels

Our in-house ANSI/SPRI ES-1 & UL Certified metal fabrication shop enables us to field measure, custom fabricate and install a superior end product without the aggravating long lead times.

In addition to the metal on the roof, we also install architectural metal wall panels for a complete exterior envelope package. Whether new or retrofit, metal wall panels are both aesthetically pleasing and may create energy savings.

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The practice of daylighting has recently come in high demand in the roofing industry. Daylighting uses properly designed and installed windows and skylights to admit natural light in a controlled manner within manufacturing, healthcare, institutional and most other facilities. There are so many reasons why this is a great thing to do.

Daylighting reduces or eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day, and that equates to fantastic savings in energy costs. Buildings with proper daylighting can replace electric light 70%-80% of the daylight hours, saving money and energy. And by cutting down on the energy needed to light your building, daylighting reduces greenhouse gases, water and air pollution.

Aside from saving green and being green, daylighting also vastly improves productivity and general employee satisfaction. Studies have proven daylighting is correlated to dramatic improvements in human performance in retail, workplace and educational facilities. Don’t we all seem to smile just a little bit more when the sun is shining?

Daylighting can be an attractive way to save money, live and work better, while also leaving the world a better place for our children. For more information and to learn how Cotterman and Company can customize a daylighting solution that is specific to your needs, please contact us today!

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Metal Retrofit

A flexible membrane that expands and contracts can be installed over an existing metal roof without an expensive tear-off. The additional insulation to fill the standing seam flutes also increases the R-value, resulting in energy savings. This is a cost effective, long-term way to protect the building from the harsh environment.

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New Construction

Cotterman & Company has been providing new roofing solutions since 1978. Each roof is unique as is the desire of each customer. We guide Architects, General Contractors, and Building owners through the process to find the most viable roofing system to meet your specific needs. Whether it is commercial or industrial roofing, our experienced team understands the different project goals and coordinates the strategies to meet the objectives.

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Restoration can be an efficient, cost-effective way to significantly extend the service life of an existing roof. Restoration offers the added benefits of reducing energy use, tax expenditures, adverse environmental impact, and facility downtime.

Evaluating a roof to determine if it may be coated requires the expertise of a roofing professional. In a challenging economy, timely restorations can be a worthwhile method of extending the watertight performance of your facilities.

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Infrared Scanning Service

An Infrared Inspection is a non destructive testing method performed to identify any moisture intrusion on a commercial roof. These surveys enable us to perform surgical repairs to the wet areas. This information is useful in planning budgets for repairs and replacements.

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