Columbus Preparatory Academy

Lynda Cooksey, Columbus Preparatory Academy - Playground Team Lead

Dear Jon,

The students, their parents, and the staff of Columbus Preparatory Academy and the families of the west side of Columbus want to thank you for your generous support and dedication that helped us bring our playground to reality! Our Build It Day was quite a success with over 240 volunteers helping over a two day period build two of the best playgrounds in Columbus! And, despite the fact that school let out just a few days after completion, the playgrounds have been enjoyed all summer long!

Honestly, you saved our Build It Days! Six months of planning, all our new equipment and supplies laid out in the gym, and 240 volunteers set to show up at 8:00 the next morning, we were in crisis! But your responsiveness to our situation was truly amazing and there will never be enough thank you's to express our gratitude!

Thank you again for your help and support!



BW Design Group

Robert Goodwin, Project Manager, Safety

I wanted to share some of the enthusiasm I have for Chris (Foreman) and his crew’s attitude towards safety.  I did an unannounced safety inspection of their area of the job (the roof of course) this morning and didn’t find one hair out of place.  It was a great way to start my day.  Every inch of the roof was flagged off (warning flags) 15’ from the edge.  All of the roofing material being stored on the roof was secured so as not to blow away in the wind.  There wasn’t one piece of trash or loose debris anywhere on that roof.  Everyone on Chris’ team was wearing the proper PPE, and following ALL of the rules for fall protection.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  I personally thanked Chris in our foreman’s meeting today.  If you get the chance to thank him and his crew, please do so on my behalf.  Please keep the outstanding safety culture you have, and thank you for your help on this job! 

Best Regards,

Columbus Educational Facility


Good morning Jon!
Thank you! You and your service technicians saved our Playground Build! You saved 7th grade graduation! You saved us!!! There is no way we can ever thank you!!!

I will follow up later today/tomorrow on next steps, but for right now know 722 students and their families and 64 teachers are forever in your debt!!!