Whether It's the Wind, or the Harsh Temperatures, Winter Can Really Take a Toll on Your Roof!

Thermal Shock
Thermal Shock
Did you know how much the weather could affect your roof? Your entire building, including the roof, will expand and contract at different rates as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. The uneven expanding and contracting of the roof will cause the material to weaken and crack over time; similar to the way the roads we drive on weaken and crack, eventually causing pot holes. We refer to this as thermal shock. It is more noticeable in the winter months because temperatures can be drastically different from day to night, not to mention the added weight and stress of heavy snow and ice.
Unfortunately there is no way to tell if your roof will be the victim of thermal shock, but we can provide a Preventative Maintenance Program to help mitigate damage caused by thermal shock. Once we perform the roof inspection, we will then provide a detailed report of the current roof conditions, as well as any recommended repairs for your building. By performing inspections on a regular basis, we can catch any membrane failures early, and get your roof repaired before larger issues arise.

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