Top 7 Dangers of a Industrial & Commercial leaky roof


When performing roof evaluations one of the first questions we always ask you have any existing roof leaks we can look at before performing the roof evaluation? Water that enters your facility is causing some issues depending on the severity of the roof leak and location of the void on the roof. Performing a roof evaluation in the Spring & Fall allows time to perform the necessary roof repairs or even roof replacements if needed? 

Listed below is the top 7 dangers of a leaky roof and if you would like to schedule a free roof evaluation let me know? (800) 713-3190

  1. Interior Damage: When water enters the facility, it may leave stains and damages the paint, plaster, ceiling mounted lights and several other items.
  2. Equipment / Inventory Damage: Business operations can be disturbed from a small or large roof leak depending on the leak locations that may damage materials, equipment or potential shut down. 
  3. Safety Hazards: Employees & visitors could be at risk of slips or falls.
  4. Structural Damages: Ongoing roof leaks cause serious damage to your structure such as decking, rafters, joists, framing that results in additional costs to fix.
  5. Mold and Mildew: Long-term consequences of water intrusion may cause mold growth that can spread throughout the building and can be difficult to remedy.  
  6. Fire Hazards: Roof leaks around any electrical wiring or breaker boxes is a risk of fire.
  7. Wasted Energy (R-value): Saturated insulation can affect how your insulation performs, affecting your R-value with more hot or cool air being lost. 

Performing regular maintenance on your roof will help keep the building watertight, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free roof evaluation let me know?

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