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OSHA Standard & Fixed Ladders

The key points relating to fall protection cages are stated in OSHA 1910.28 (b)(9).

  • Each fixed ladder that extends more than 24 feet above a lower level that is installed before November 19, 2018, should be equipped with a personal fall arrest system, cage or well. The height at which a form of fall protection was required was previously 20 feet. This has now been increased to 24 feet.
  • All fixed ladders (that extend more than 24 feet) installed on and after November 19, 2018, is equipped with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system. Please note that cages sold or installed after November 19, 2018 are no longer considered a form of fall protection. Cages installed prior to this date are still accepted as a form of protection (until the final deadline comes into effect). We feel that it is important to note that whilst cages are still allowed to be sold until November 19th, 2018, we as a company will be pro-actively informing people of these changes immediately.
  • When a fixed ladder, cage, or well, or any portion of a section thereof, is replaced (on and after November 18, 2018), a personal fall arrest system or ladder safety system is installed in at least that section of the fixed ladder, cage, or well where the replacement is located.
  • On and after November 18th 2036, all fixed ladders (that extend more than 24 feet) should be equipped with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system. Although this is 14 years away, from prior experience the market typically adopts these changes quickly. November 18th 2036 is the final deadline that no cages are allowed as a form of fall protection. Information provided by FixFast USA.

Cotterman & Company can design a personal fall protection plan for your facility. We develop a plan that satisfies customer's budgetary goals while prioritizing the most critical areas. Whether your company is looking for a full replacement, personal fall protection quote or a preventative maintenance program, we would be happy to provide a free roof evaluation and recommendations.

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