The Importance of Daylighting

Cotterman Roofing installed Daylighting

The term daylighting refers to the intentional and controlled admission of natural light into a space: Effective daylighting creates a more comfortable and visually stimulating environment. Many studies over the years have proven just how important sunlight is and the positive effects it has on humans and building complexes.

Research has proven that sunlight:
* Enhances our mood
* Improves our memory
* Allows us to view objects in their natural color
* Increases alertness and focus
* Improves overall health

Lighting Control Benefits: Installing the right skylight and incorporation electric lighting controls will substantially save energy usage. Artificial lighting accounts for approximately 30 to 70 percent of the building's energy consumption, so decreasing the need for artificial light can reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Retail buildings offer the best opportunity for energy savings when utilizing lighting controls since most retail stores are open year-round and require high levels of light throughout the day.

Impact and Fire Resistance: Polycarbonate skylights are known to perform extremely well when it comes to impact and fire resistance.

Longer Lasting Skylights: The longevity of materials used in skylights has improved greatly over the years, allowing for a more reliable skylight systems. Design changes have improved the reduction in visible light transmission and the skylight seal to the curb or roof deck, and also increased the durability of the skylight glazing itself.

Cotterman Roofing Daylighting

Cotterman's can install any size skylights and works with all major manufactures based on our skylight roof evaluation. Skylights can be installed on all types of Industrial & Commercial low sloped flat roofing systems, we are full service so we will cut out the decking and flash in the new skylight curb per the manufactures specifications and follow all OSHA Safety Guidelines.

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